20 Feng Shui Tips for your Home Office to Boost Productivity and Creativity

Need a boost of productivity to stay ahead in a demanding career? Feeling stuck creativity and want to get back to making the magic? It could be that the energy of your home office is working against you. Let’s fix up your home office space with some good old Feng Shui so you can be a match for all that abundance and fame you so deserve.

Warning – improving the energy of your home office could benefit the energy of your entire home and your life as a whole. If that sounds like a risk worth taking, read on! LOL JK – that’s not a warning, just a happy bi-product of the amazing impact Feng Shui can have. You’re gonna love it.

Feng shui basics

Before we dive into all the goodies of spicing up the Feng Shui in your home office, let’s first recap some Feng Shui basics.

Balance it out
A sense of balance is very important when implementing Feng Shui, and well in any time or place in history… except in hot dog eating contests.. there’s no balancing that diet. The balance of Yin and Yang energies can create a sense of harmony in the space and promote that good chi (energy). Yin energy is associated with the feminine energy, its the moon, calm winter, the creative. Yang Energy on the other hand is the masculine, the sun, vibrant summer, and is more logical and analytical. The presence of both these energies make for a harmonious dance of flow.

Natural Elements
Another Feng Shui basic is the presence of the elements of Water, Earth, Fire, Metal, and Wood in a space. Depending on where the space is situated in relation to your front door as well as the locations of items reflective of the natural elements are at play in the map of energy in a space. While you would want to hire a Feng Shui professional to map out your home’s bagua and make specific recommendations, you can take stock in all the items you have that are representative of the elements and decide if the space is a little heavy in one thing over another (and if that is working for you).

Another foundation of Feng Shui is the intent and emotion behind the items you surround yourself with. While you want your space to feel personalized with items that bring you joy and inspiration, the opposite can be true as well. Items that remind you things that come with negative connotations are bringing your space’s (and your) energy and vibration down. So be intentional with your space and protective over the things that don’t light you up! Set an intention for how you want the space to feel and the goals you have, then begin implementing these tips in service to that feeling!

20 ways to improve the feng shui in your home office

1. Clear clutter to create a clean and organized workspace to promote positive energy flow.

The office is one place that is so easy to get out of control and disorganized with all the paper we shuffle through on a daily basis (thank you snail-mail and bills!). Having a good filing system and a shredder handy can keep paper clutter to a minimum and keep you feeling organized. Check out my Setting up your home office post has some great info in setting up your files!

2. Position your desk in a commanding position facing the door.

This means that you are not facing a wall or a window, rather a solid wall should be at your back and you should have line of sight to the door from your desk. Science says your back to a door increases cortisol levels (stress hormone). This goes back to our primal days of going into fight or flight when you can’t see a Saber Toothed tiger coming at you from behind. But it is also a Feng Shui no-no energetically!

3. Use natural light and add task lighting to balance the energy.

Natural lighting from windows will brighten the space naturally, and additional lamps can be added for cloudy or dark days when the sun just ain’t enough. Try to avoid an abundance of bright fluorescent lights, first of all, ouch on the eyes, but also it is just too much. The key is balance. If you have good lighting naturally, maybe bring in a salt lamp for some moody lighting and little earthy energy.

4. Incorporate plants to bring in the wood element.

Plants are amazing for the home office, pumping that fresh oxygen and adding dynamic wood energy to the space for upward growth in your career. And they look fabulous on camera for those zoom meetings!

5. Choose calming colors for the walls and decor.

Wall space can have a bit of a monopoly on the color and sentiment of any room, so make sure to choose calming neutrals. We will bring in the pops of inspiration and productivity boosters in smaller ways. Fire engine red on the walls will just result in literal burn out and stress. Nobody wants that.

6. Use a comfortable chair and a cushion for lower back support.

You can’t be on your A-game in your office if your back is sore and you’re miserable. Items of comfort and coziness tend to bring earthy energy, which is great for staying grounded too. Similar to the desk positioning, your chair should have a nice solid high back for an energetic “I got your back” just like your office bestie would in a real office setting.

7. Keep your books organized and not to your back.

I’m a sucker for the office library.. but trust me on this as I learned the hard way, position your bookshelves to your side. To your back or directly in front of you those tiny bindings acts a swarm of tiny knives at your back or coming at you head on from an energetic standpoint. If this can’t be avoided, consider laying a pretty shawl over them to mute the dagger like energy, pack the books away entirely or move them to the room that sits in your cultivation and knowledge gua (southwest) (if it make sense to – obviously putting them in the kitchen maybe not so bueno).

8. Display art or motivational quotes that inspire you.

I feel like this design tactic has been super popular lately, but its great Feng Shui too! Even a portrait of a mentor or someone you admire would raise the vibe of the space and give you a boost of inspiration. Whatever and whoever can serve as a reminder of your “why” and help you power through tough situations is a big benefit to your home office space. I have a wonderful quote on my wall like this one that definitely gets my attention when the going gets tough, it gets me through.

9. Keep the space well-ventilated with fresh air and good airflow.

Open up the windows if you can as often as you can to freshen up the air, install a ceiling fan or even a small stationary fan can help to circulate the air and keep the energy from getting stagnant in your space. Air purifiers are another great way to move air and energy too.

10. Avoid sharp corners and edges in furniture or decor.

Okay I know this one is easier said than done as most furniture has edges right? But consider some pieces with waves and movement if you can. Beautiful bookcases with arches [like these] or rounded edges and/or pretty molding can help soften up all the hard angles and give some balance. This is the desk and hutch set I have in my office, I just adore that there are no hard angles, the hutch is rounded and has swirlies and movement, and even the desk is not perfectly square – it has beveled corners that soften it.

11. Use an essential oil diffuser with scents that promote concentration and productivity.

The olfactory sense is the sense most closely ties with emotions and memory recall, so its no wonder diffusing essential oils can totally change the vibe of a space and have a profound effect on the office. I love playing with different recipes of essential oils that can “lighten” the mood after a tough call, or bring “peace” to a stressful day, and even increase the “magic” when i néed to amp up the creativity.

12. Incorporate storage solutions to keep the space organized.

Don’t let stagnant chi (energy) hang around those drawers! It’s so easy to let every drawer become a junk drawer or overstuffed with not-working pens. Organize them with handy little drawer organizers and help the energy flow baby flow. Plus if you can easily find what your looking for, that’s more time to be productive!

13. Hang a crystal in the window to reflect and scatter light.

Again, since the home office is often times our livelihood, and where we make the bacon to pay the bills we must pull out every tip and trick to protect its energy from getting stagnant and cutting off the circulation to that productivity and flow you need! Crystals are so amazing for sending energy where it needs to go in a space. And they are pretty too!

14. Use a rug or carpet to soften the flooring and absorb noise.

You could also use this as an opportunity to balance the elemental energy in the space if needed. For example, if your space is heavy in wood and earth energy with lots of plants and earthy tones of color, you might bring in a rug with some water or metal hues to balance them. And make it so soft and cozy you can luxuriate in the feel of it under your bare feel as you sit at your desk.

15. Add a little “fire” to the space to amp up your fame and recognition.

Seeking a big promotion at work or some well deserved recognition for a big project? Light some candles or pops of red, or anything triangular in shape to increase that fire energy and bring on the fame!

16. Avoid working directly under a beam or slanted ceiling.

These can literally have an energetic feel of being “under pressure” or having extra weight on your shoulders. Pressure can immediately stifle creative energy and your ability to be productive in your craft. If you have your office space under an exposed beam, hanging a multi-faceted crystal can help disperse the downward energy.

17. Add a mirror to reflect light and create the illusion of more space.

Mirrors also bring in a lovely metal energy which is expansive and refining. I love metal in the home office especially for thought leadership and future-forward thinking. A curved or round mirror is another great way to soften all the hard angles that might be at play in your office. Just make sure to hang it at the right height so you aren’t “chopping your head off” when you look into it. It should frame you or anyone that walks by just right.

18. Avoid cluttered or chaotic artwork or decor.

Yes, its true, less is more when it comes to decor and Feng shui. Opt for larger pieces for impact rather than a million tiny things – which can make the space feel chaotic and busy..Make it amazing and inspiring for YOU. Something that speaks to your heart. If your a beach water loving gal like myself you might even bring in some water element with a decorative desktop waterfall.

19. Keep your work area separate from your personal space.

So this can be so hard if your space doesn’t allow for separation. I know some folks don’t have a choice but to put their home office in the bedroom or guest room. If this can’t be avoided, add a partition to segment the space so that energetically your personal life is still separate from work life. If you share your office with a guest room, consider a Murphy bed so that when its “your office” the energy is not confused for a bedroom, and vice versa.. when you have guests, clean up or cover your desk so it doesn’t appear as a functioning office for guests.

20. Regularly clean and maintain the space to keep the energy flowing smoothly.

I am totally guilty of skipping my office on cleaning day… all the time…but those dust bunnies are not doing you any favors in your Feng shui. Give your home office some regular love and keep it shining. It should energetically be THE place you love to spend time and do your best work. Keep it clean and even freshen it up with some fresh flowers once in a while. And for goodness sake, empty out that waste bin already – you know who I’m talking to!! If the energy in your office space is vibing high and you love to be in it, you’re sure to pump out some amazing things when your in bossbabe mode.

Good home office energy = the good life

And in case it hasn’t been said enough already, having good Feng Shui in your home office is so important because it IS your work environment. And if you have the pleasure of working from home you have an amazing opportunity to control that environment and tune it to your specific needs to be productive, creative, and make that moolah! You know, without the office politics..

By arranging your office space in a way that promotes harmony and balance, you can improve your focus, reduce stress, and increase your overall well-being. It can also help attract abundance and success to your work, which can lead to greater opportunities and achievements. So, taking the time to create good Feng shui in your home office can have a significant impact on your work and life.

If your just starting to learn about Feng Shui and implement its practice, starting with your home office will have, what I believe to be, the greatest impact. And if all this feels too overwhelming, definitely reach out to a Feng Shui practitioner for guidance, it is SO worth it.

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