I believe that living your best life starts with a heartened home.

My mission is to help others to create a beautiful, balanced, joy-filled home by sharing interior design and Feng Shui principles for environmental healing in simple and approachable ways.

I know that everyone can be the best version of them-selves and achieve their goals having a home that centers the soul, inspires the heart, and resonates joy, love and abundance. 

This is a place where..

You can learn ways to make your house a home via do it yourself (DIY) projects or simply shop for the things you need to beautify your home in a way that is uniquely you! Find ideas and inspiration for Home Decor, DIY projects, Organization, Gardening, Backyard/Patio, learn about Feng Shui, creating a healthy Home, and implement Natural Living practices.

Call me Christi, I’m a…

  • Busy busy mama (holler to all my mama readers out there!)
  • Full time Product Development Manager
  • Blogger
  • Arizona desert dweller
  • Prefer Animals over people most days..
  • DIY weekend warrior
  • Enagic Distributor (get your Kangen water HERE yall!)
  • Environmental Healer training in the art of Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki

Like many Xennial & Millennial mamas, I have about a million things going on AT ALL TIMES. But I’m loving life, doing the best I can to make a positive impact in people’s lives and hopefully helping make the world a better place, one home and one glass of water at a time!

I have been studying Feng Shui and interior design for the past few years, and am a lover of all things DIY!  It has been my pleasure to design and help inspire spaces for family and friends and now I thrilled to share it all with you!

I understand the things that come easily to some are stress-triggers for others.

Some of my topics come from personal experience as my husband and I struggled to perfect our little house as weekend warriors on a tiny budget, spending waaaaay too much time, energy (and money) on the seemingly “cheap and easy” DIY projects out there.

And the fun continues, but now with many lessons learned.. like sometimes its OKAY to drop $$$ on the perfect console table and just be done with it! And sometimes the sweat equity you put into creating the perfect coffee table is totally worth it.

Even now, it feels as if we are starting all over to re-design our home into a more functional space that our daughter can grow and thrive in that emphasizes family time.

I love to incorporate the teachings of Feng Shui to not only help you create a gorgeous home, but one that energetically does the “heavy lifting” of giving you the amazing, abundant life you always dreamed of.

Fun side note

I’m absolutely obsessed with coastal design.. which seems irrational given I live in the desert. But my California roots remain strong and I love daydreaming about our next beach vacation and someday owning my own piece of paradise by the sea…. ah…..

So on the somewhat rare occasion this busy family gets to travel, you can usually find us near the water in Mexico (its conveniently close to Phoenix!), jet setting to Hawaii, or visiting family in the Carolinas.

About the Founder of Heartened Home
Checking out the sea turtle nests in the OBX and pondering when they will hatch! – my favorite past-time on vacation here!

So come on in, your next project is waiting!

(Your home will thank you)

xoxo, Christi

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