I believe that living your best life starts with a heartened home.

Hey there, I’m Christi:

Most afternoons you can find me taking in the fresh pine infused air with an iced coffee with coconut milk in hand, trying to keep up with my 2 incredibly active kiddos as they play, skate, ride and tumble around our North Carolina yard. 

I am mostly known for my unrelenting love of the beach and anything coastal – design, decor, cuisine, and especially vacationing. 

People often refer to me as sweet and passionate with the patience of a saint.. except when I get a new idea I’m passionate about.. then all patience goes out the window! 

I love serving the world by renovating and designing vacation homes where people can come to truly relax, refresh and renew their spirit. The world needs more happy and rested people who embrace la dolce vita.

The things I am most passionate about in life are starting each day with joy and gratitude.. and lil bit a yoga, being present in each and every moment with my family and friends, and cultivating my curiosity through travel, good books, and trying new restaurants. 

I write the Heartened Home for working mamas who need help and inspiration with their home spaces, who have a desire to have a beautiful, organized and high vibe home without spending hours curating, researching and hiring consultants. 

I am lucky to teach the Feng Shui tools and other resources I use for my own home and vacation rental properties to show mamas how to create a beautiful, balanced space that inspires them to live a life of joy today. 

My design work can be found on my Vacation Rental Website www.Roamingpineapple.com where I showcase the properties I have renovated and designed to not only feel luxurious but inspire relaxation and fun!

When I’m not busy working on my latest renovation project, you can catch me slinging back oysters and good sourdough washed down with a margarita on date night or hosting family and friends for a pizza night trying out some new concoction of toppings on hand made dough crisped to perfection in our amazing pizza oven, or running the kids around to school, camp, gymnastics, and all the various birthday parties and play dates that never seem to pause. 

I too am a working mama, though my work in recent months has been more enjoyable than in the past, I do fantasize about the day I can say goodbye to the J-O-B and design and rent properties full time. Ok maybe not full time.. I also have plans for a lot more travel and raising chickens.. and maybe some goats.. and a cow.. maybe a few barn cats too.. ok so I love animals alright?! 

I am also an avid crafter and scrapbooker.. though since having kids I’d say less avid and more like passive once a year when I can sneak away and meet my girlfriends for a scrapping retreat… can only fit so many hours in a day am I right? 

I started this blog in 2017, as a new mama, living in my then dream home in Arizona, documenting and posting as we furnished and gave our new-build our stamp of personality. Since then we moved across the country to Wake Forest, North Carolina, had a second baby, bought and renovated a beach house, and so much more.. it feels like I’m living a completely different life, but my love of home decor, interior design, and Feng Shui remains strong so you betcha I’m going to keep creating fresh inspiring content here as often as I can (you know, being a super busy working mom with too many side hustles!). 

And yes I totally over do it and occasionally- maybe more than occasionally- burn out from the weight of it all. So I completely empathize and respect the hell out of all the other working mamas out there, bringing home that bacon and building empires. So as long as I can share my expanding insights and help someone else I’ll continue to wear my heart on my sleeve and share. 

I semi-started a podcast at the beginning of the year in service to the working mamas of the world looking to embrace joy everyday and set down the guilt and overwhelm using feng shui and meditation and truth be told, it got overwhelming really quickly. So time will tell if restart it and then grow the cajones to launch the thing. If you have morbid curiosity like me, you can check it out on Spotify here, feel free to drop words of encouragement for this self-conscious chick (me..we are talking about me here). 

I also wanted to launch a Feng Shui course.. and again… squirreled.. but the first half of the funnel is built out with a really fun freebie for my 20 tips Feng Shui your home office, if you have a home office this is a must read! Check it out at https://heartenedlife.com/ then when I launch the course you will get first dibs! 

So yeah, I’m a pretty normal busy mama with way too many aspirations, too much passion, big dreams and high expectations. But I’m learning to love myself through my squirrel moments and #LetItGo like Elsa, and drop into joy and gratitude for it all in daily (sometimes more) meditations and honing my inner artist journaling in my little yellow notebook. 

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me.

  1. I’m a sucker for Nicholas Sparks books and cute little coffee shops. 
  2. My rambunctious Border Collie, Micky is actually named for Mick Dundee, crocodile hunter. The words “now That’s a knife” are uttered often in my house.. 
  3. We recently added a Bearded Dragon to our family, and I am in love with him.. he is so chill and so cute. (Don’t tell my husband I actually like him) His name is Cassian. Yes like Star Wars. 
  4. My husband gifted me a Peloton and I’ve used it twice in the last year 🤦‍♀️ and cutting carbs will never be an option. I love my Sourdough and pasta! In fact I dream of eating my way through Italy someday. 
  5. I still freak out when I find a gray hair… I’m not ready to embrace it thank you 😊 and yes I blame my boy child. He crazy. 

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