My Secret Heartened Helpers

Here’s an inside peek at the products and services I use personally (and yes I actually DO) that help me keep my home, my personal life, my businesses running smooth. I call them my Heartened Helpers because they all offer me something that ultimately helps me keep a Heartened Home and Heartened Life – one that inspires joy and confidence.


Given that this blog is centered around home decor, interior design and Feng Shui, and I too am a busy working mama with little time to dedicate to shopping (as much as I would LOVE that life) you know I’ve got a secret hack to continually adding fresh style to my home. I discovered Decocrated during the dreaded covid years and never looked back. This is a subscription delivery that brings amazing seasonal (and holiday) decor right to your doorstep. The base subscription (paid quarterly or annually) includes 4 boxes for Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring with new trendy designs that easily incorporate into your design style and previous boxes. Some items are specific to the season, and some work as evergreen and can work year-round. And then there are holiday boxes you can add on for Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Americana (4th of July). I had a pretty good Christmas and Fall stash of decor to begin with, but now I have amazing choices stock-piled up (being a subscriber now for a couple years) for ALL seasons and holidays to the point I can change up my seasonal decor a lot more often, and I love it! And I get so many compliments on the items. So if your decor needs some updating, or you want to add more options to what you have, this is a great service! Use my referral link and we both get a reward ($25 at time of posting)!

Growth Day

Personal Development has been a big part of my life as long as I can remember. Even as a teenager I was fascinated by self-help books and kept tedious journals. If there is a self-help tool in existence, I have tried it. Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning? You betcha I tried it. Day Pages? Brilliant – thank you Julia Cameron. Countless video recordings and one live attendance of Tony Robbins, Yup. Got all the Mel Robbins books and audiobooks and interviews indeed. Love them all! But when I discovered Brendon Burchard’s Growth Day App– holy cow now THATs a game changer. Gosh where to start.. ok so many good nuggets in this app. First, Brendon drops DAILY inspiring messages with the daily fire – and they are sooo good. I love listening in the morning as I’m getting ready for the day, totally puts a pep in my step. It has a journal, with awesome reflecting prompts if your not sure what to journal about. There is a goals section where you can track your progress against your goals, no matter how big or small. There are surveys where you can score your habits and stay mindful of where you are trending. And he drops new trainings in the app all the time that are so inspiring by some amazing resources that you would otherwise pay serious money to hear. This is one app I will never give up, it has done so much for my psyche and personal development in these tough years. It’s like a little ray of sunshine on phone, I even put right on my home page so its always there reminding me to check in with myself. So if you are even remotely interested in personal development or you have been in it for a long time like me, do yourself a favor and check this app out. Oh, and use my link and you get to try it free for 14 days! (At the time I wrote this). And as Brendon would say – its a great day to grow!

The Minoan Experience

So I learned about this amazing service in round 2 of my Vacation Rental business journey. I furnished my first property from multiple suppliers, and keeping track of orders placed, budget spent, shipping dates and locations, not to mention returns.. was basically a full time job. This time around, I was so lucky to stumble upon Minoan which takes the hassle completely out of it with their shopping, quoting and ordering service across MANY awesome vendors. I can track my orders from different vendors all within the same dashboard – YES PLEASE. And the kicker here is that you get a special discount on amazing products AND the items you place in rentals are stored in your property inventory where guests can see with a handy QR code and literally “shop” your rental, AND you get a commission on purchases. Total WIN WIN WIN. So if you are furnishing a rental yourself, I highly recommend this shortcut so you can keep your sanity, save money, and hell, make money! It’s free to sign up, and so worth it. Use my link to sign up and you will get a $25 credit on your first order (at the time this was posted – this may change).