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Spice up your Fall Decor this season with a Mini Decor Refresh

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Time to spice up your fall decor? Join me as I make a few small changes adding to my existing fall decor for big impact.

This is my 2020 Fall Decor mini-haul from The Grove, Target, and Amazon ONLINE!

Let’s face it, this year is different. We are all spending perhaps quite a bit more time in our homes than “normal” and our routines have been completely turned upside down as we learn to function in our new normal.

Here at the Heartened Home we rally around the positive impact a beautiful space can have on your energy and life in general.

All the more reason as we begin to enter this GLORIOUS season of cooler weather, pumpkin spice and gratitude to give your seasonal fall decor and your mindset a boost!

But Why Fall Decor Now?

Aside from my guilty pleasure of picking up a few items post season at 90% off at my favorite craft stores (Michael’s, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby, you know it!), I really don’t often splurge on new decor.

Sure, I’ll do a DIY to change up some stuff or rotate where things get placed. But really, its the same darn fall decor I’ve been putting out for… never mind.. I refuse to admit it.

Ok, I’ll admit it… 10 years? That sounds about right.. or wrong depending on how you look at it..

As I mentioned, this year is different. This year has been HARD. On everyone. So I decided recently to make lemonade out of this lemon of a year and find ways to make being stuck at home less sucky.

What better way to show your happy home some gratitude for the work its doing protecting us, doubling as the office, the classroom, and daycare by buying it presents to look pretty!

Fresh fall decor can give your home’s energy a boost and your eyes fresh perspective.

No time to shop even online? No problem! There are some amazing subscription services now like Decocrated that will ship a box of fresh seasonal decor right to your door! I pre-ordered their Spring box, I can’t WAIT to see what fun items I get!

Release what no longer serves you

Before putting out any new fall decor, be sure to de-clutter, clean, and clear your space! Head HERE for refresher on cleansing the energy of your home.

This will give you nice fresh pallet to work with to honor the new beauties you bring in.

Let’s invite the winds of change as we wind down for the metal season of Autumn. A time made for letting go and releasing that which no longer serves you.

Pumpkin spice all the things!

I always consider the arrival of the “PSL” (Pumpkin Spiced Latte) permission to begin clearing out my summer decor, and preparing to go full FALL on my home.

In order to avoid going out un-necessarily, and to save time, I ordered all my new fun fall decor items (including my coffee!) online.

But awaiting shipping is such sweet suspense…

The suspense got to me… and my little girl. So we went ahead and set out what we had on hand, knowing full well there was more and it would likely get shifted around.

This year’s haul of Pumpkin Spice and Everything nice… and cozy


  • Kauai Coffee
  • Cafe Bustelo Espresso
  • Pumpkin pie favored Torani sauce
  • Ghirardelli white chocolate powder

Ok let’s take it away with my first shipment arrival – from Amazon. Because Prime shipping is super fast so naturally it arrived first.

Pumpkin Pie flavored Torani Sauce used to make Pumpkin sliced Lattes, and White Chocolate powder used to make White Mochas

okay, okay… not decor.. but totally necessary to set the Fall decorating mood, amiright? Not to mention a money saver compared to our friends at Starbucks.

My favorite coffee is Kauai coffee company brand, vanilla macadamia nut flavor.. SO GOOD. But it doesn’t make for a proper pumpkin spice latte.

For that, I buy espresso K-cups. I like Caribou coffee for my espresso. Though right now I’m trying out Cafe Bustelo.

My go to espresso drink is a white chocolate Mocha using this Ghirardelli white chocolate powder mix.

But for fall, When I can get my hands on Torani pumpkin spice sauce for a pumpkin spice latte.. there’s no question.

Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker

Brewing up a shot of espresso is super easy using my Keurig K-Cafe. Then I mix in my powder/sauce of choice.

I like to steam a coconut/almond milk blend in the frother to make the perfect (dairy free) mocha or PSL latte.

Straight coconut milk doesn’t froth up right and straight almond milk is too thin. Blending the 2 is very comparable to real milk in mouthfeel.

Though right now it’s still a little warm out so I often pour the espresso and sauce over ice, then add the milk cold from the fridge.

Alright, now with my yummy Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand, some Coffeehouse Country playing on my Spotify radio.. let’s decorate!


  • Glass hand soap dispenser – limited edition Fall 2020
  • Dish soap dispenser – limited edition Fall 2020
  • Liquid hand soap refill – limited edition Apple Spice
  • Liquid dish soap refill – limited edition Apple spice

Normally my monthly Grove order is full of cleaning staples like dishwasher pods, laundry pods, hand soap, and other miscellaneous things.. but THIS TIME I opted in for their new fall edition products.

Grove collaborative 2020 Fall Limited Edition glass hand soap and dish soap dispensers with Apple spice liquid soap refill.

For fall, Grove featured these beautiful earthy fall bronze hand and dish soap dispensers, complete with Apple Spiced soaps. YAY.

I love smelling fall every time I wash my hands or do some dishes. mmm… apple spice… its a good one!

PS – if you interested in becoming a Grove VIP member head here to get a free gift and a trial membership. This is my partner link, so they will know I sent ya, and I’ll get a little bonus too! Win win!

Shipping is always free and they are getting great new products all the time!


  • Fall decorative pillows
  • Decorative pumpkins
  • Table runners and placemats
Boxes of shipped fall decor from Target.
Evie showing off our fall decor order from Target

I was like a kid on Christmas morning when these 3 boxes arrived! Evie could hardly wait to help me unpack! I almost didn’t get to snap any photos she was so eager.

Living Room Refresh

Obviously I had a few new decorative fall pillows in this haul. So the obvious and easy place to start was with the couch in our living room.

Summer Couch for reference

This was my late summer Couch with pillows in navy, textured white, and these cute ocean scene pillow covers my mom sent me from Maui.

Fall Couch with new throw pillows from Target order

For fall I ditched the navy, and stowed away the ocean scenes to make room for these new beauties from Target.

I just love the warm copper hues and the lovely words that incite an essence of gratitude in the air.

With words like “grateful” and “blessings” within everyday view, it’s hard not to maintain awareness of the many blessings in our lives and to always have gratitude in our hearts.

And I adore this super soft fleece throw I scored at Homegoods last year. I absolutely love the purple and teal color combo for a fresh fall look.

The new decorative teal pumpkin in my order matches perfectly, so it was placed adjacent to the couch on the fireplace with a real pumpkin.

Real and faux pumpkins on the fireplace.

Dining Room Refresh

The dining room table was in desperate need of a fall facelift.

Initial Fall tablescape before the new fall decor is added

Evie and I decorated the centerline with what we had on hand (above).

We had these awesome spooky glass candy jars which we filled with candy corn.

Then we spiced up 2 spent candle jars by filling with popcorn seeds and battery powered pillar candles.

My major problem in this area was that there were no coordinating placemats and a too small runner that just did the table no justice.

I have had my eyes set on this table for years! So once we moved in and I had the space and excuse to get new furniture this was my first purchase. I have always wanted to do pretty centerpieces displays!

New table linens add massive impact to the finished fall look of this dining table.

Voila! Amazing what linens can do!

Because I have a lot of nods to the nautical in my home I opted for this solid navy runner that I *hoped* would coordinate well with these fall plaid place mats.

Thank goodness my eyes did not deceive me and it was a perfect match!

New table linens add massive impact to the finished fall look of this dining table.

Evie and I also decided to nix the purple flowers and put my red glass platter with a Yankee fall candle In the middle surrounded by the mini decorative pumpkins from the target order.

PS – in case you are wondering, we are in the middle of a deck remodel so that’s why through the window there are odd looking wood planks where a solid deck should be!

There are other areas where I have decorated but none are more used and loved than the couch in the living room and the dining room so those 2 areas are where I focused this refresh.

Thank you for joining me!! And I hope my little fall refresh has inspired you for making a big decorative impacts with a few minor changes!